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Adam is a record producer, recording engineer, musician and composer. He has been recording and mixing music ever since working alongside producer Jason Perry on his own band's record in 2007.

Experienced in many genres, he is always keen to work on exciting new projects, and loves to work with passionate and talented musicians / songwriters.

Operating out of various studios within East Anglia and London, he has a hoard of top of the range pre-amps, microphones and outboard from NEVE, SSL, API, NEUMANN, CALREC, UNIVERSAL AUDIO and TRIDENT at his disposal.

For enquiries or to chat about your recording plans email:

The Saints

Adam is the resident producer and recording engineer at The Saints, a professional recording studio situated in beautiful rural surroundings in the heart of East Anglia, and reached easily from either Norwich or Ipswich within the hour.

The Saints features two spacious live rooms, a vocal booth and a large control room. Perfect for band tracking.

The Saints records to the highest standard using the finest Neve and Universal Audio pre-amps along with a mix of vintage and modern microphones. The studio operates around a Mac OS X/Logic Pro 9 setup with a 24 channel Mackie MCU Pro control surface.

For enquiries or to chat about your recording plans email:
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Pre Amps / Outboard:

Neve 33115 classic Mic pre/eq modules (x 4)
Neve 33314 compressor/limiter (x 4)
Universal Audio LA-610 Classic Tube pre (x 2)
ART Digital MPA
Mackie Onyx (x 16)


Neumann TLM 193 (x 2)
SE Electronics Gemini 3
AKG 414 vintage (x 2)
SE Electronics R1 (x 2)
SE Electronics 4400a
Audio Technica AT 4033
Beyerdynamic m201
Shure Sm57 (x 5)
Shure SM7b (x 2)
AKG D112 (x 2)
AKG 451 (x 8)
Shure SM58 (x 2)
Studio Projects C1 (x 2)

Instruments / Amplifiers:

Yamaha Upright Acoustic Piano
Mesa Boogie Mark 1 guitar amp
Line 6 Bogner guitar amp
Fender DeVille guitar amp
Mapex Drumkit
Pearl Drumkit
Sabian and Paiste Cymbal sets
Hartke HA3500 bass amp
Hartke 4x10 XL Series bass cabinet
Hartke a100 bass combo


Adam is now offering an online mix service and will turn your recordings into something truly special, with plenty of hardware compressors to warm up any digital sounds, which include:

Alan Smart C2 Dual Mono / Stereo Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor (x 2)
Drawmer 1969 Tube Compressor

Adam monitors through the revolutionary SE Electronics Munro Egg speakers.

Simply upload your consolidated copy of your Pro Tools or Logic session or clearly labeled stems in wav or aiff format and send Adam the link via the form on the right.

To discuss your mix requirements please email:

Tour Manager/Live Engineer

Adam works as a live sound engineer and tour manager for bands. As a house engineer at Norwich's Marquee, he has engineered the sound for a multitude of national and international touring acts, which include Benjamin Francis Leftwich, TRC, Feed The Rhino, Polar, Crazy Arm, The Skints, and Rise and Fall to name just a few.

This year Adam has been working with The Kabeedies on their 40 date "Soap" tour (UK and Europe) as their Tour Manager and Live Engineer. Adam is experienced with a vast variety of both analogue (countless Allen and Heath, Midas, Yamaha PM3500) and digital consoles (Soundcraft Vi6, Yamaha M7CL, Yamaha LS9-32, Digico SD9, Digico SD11, Presonus Studio Live 24), as well as with a huge variety of outboard.

If you would like to book Adam for a one-off performance or for a complete tour, please email:

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